If you work from the assumption that no data system is hacker-proof, your company will be ahead of the game.  While the Holy Grail of technology is creating a system that will never get breached, it’s highly unlikely given the sophistication of technology and speed at which it continues to change. Does this mean it’s inevitable that your system will be hacked?  Not necessarily if you stay one step ahead of the hackers by continually updating and upgrading your security plan.


Create a Data-Safe Environment

No matter the size of your company, your data is a key asset.  Protecting this asset involves a security plan.  This plan details what data is covered under this plan, assesses the risk to this data and how you plan to mitigate the risks.  What are the possible risks to your data?

  • Physical loss of data
  • Data corruption
  • Unauthorized use of or access to data
  • Security of third party access to data


Looking for a Better Solution

We regularly hear about hacker horror stories and data breaches that affect millions of people.  The highly connected internet of things (IoT) and cloud technology has increased the vulnerabilities to data networks.  You may think that your company is too small to have a potentially devastating breach, but it is not.  If you are a small or medium-sized business, it is just as imperative to implement a nimble, flexible security plan.  Companies are continually searching for better solutions to protect their data and networks.  The best plans are those that incorporate multiple layers of security.  The security layers help protect against sabotage and accidental breaches.


Invest in People and Technology                              

Large companies have an easier time absorbing the investment in the professional information technology staff and the newest technology solutions.  Smaller companies may struggle to justify the expense of building an internal information technology team and affording the hardware and software needed for a strong data security plan.  Does this mean you need to resort to just hoping that your system does not get hacked?  Investing in a professional information technology team to create solutions does not necessarily mean they end up on your payroll. Outsourcing can be a very viable option to secure your network.


One Size Does Not Fit All

A major challenge in network security is meeting the needs for increased data storage, data scalability and capacity – all with the same efficiency and cost.  Add to this the need to improve security without increasing complexity, and you’re not sure how this is possible.  You may believe that outsourcing the security of a key asset of your company will result in a prepackaged, one-size-fits-all solution along with a hefty invoice.  Outsourced technology experts are skilled at creating security plans customized to your company’s needs and may just be the ticket to hacker-proofing your network.


A Solution Tailored Just For You

Feeling the budget pinch of building your own expert technology team and affording the latest technology? A call to Management Concepts can provide you with the information you need to make the call of investing internally or outsourcing.  Management Concepts has a full team of on-demand business support professionals who understand your business and industry.  Improve your odds of avoiding a data breach.  The latest robust technology for data storage and security that fits your needs is a phone call away.